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The Quest of Godzilla


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Here you see the mighty Kaiju Klashes


Abillas vs Ultrodan

Abillas was enjoying himself on one lazy afternoon. He was relaxing on his home turf, a beautiful tropical island in the Pacific. It would soon become a battleground. Ultrodan was flying across the Pacific to find a place to rest. He spotted a magnificent island in the horizon. He got closer only to see that it was the territory of another kaiju. He planned to destroy it and claim the tropical island for himself. He flew in low and landed. He got into an agressive stance. The monster he saw was 20 meters shorter and looked much less capible of damage. Man, was he wrong. The two kaiju fought long and hard. Eventually Abillas prevailed and sent Ultrodan fleeing for his life.

Godchilla vs. Goagle

Godchilla vs Goagle

Godchilla was relaxing in his below zero ice haven. He was relaxed as he sipped on his Diet Cherry Coke and he didn't have a care in the world. Until Goagle came. For no reason at all, Goagle landed and began to taunt Godchilla. Godchilla got angry so he hopped up and started to beat on Goagle. The two giant monsters battled with skill. And speeding away from the opponent was a common tactic. Eventually the lines got low and it was Godchilla 25LP and Goagle with 50LP. They were both energy deprived and relying on their 50LP manual attacks. Goagle used defense, but Godchilla used strength and delt Goagle the final blow. It was a great battle and Godchilla says "Diet Cherry Coke is the best!"