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The Quest of Godzilla


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History of Godzilla

The path of the monster king


History of Godzilla

Godzilla has a long history and many monster allies and foes. Each monster with it's own special and unique quality's. But I will start out with Godzilla's History.

In 1954, Toho had an idea that would turn the world upside down! They created a huge monster and used it to burn Tokyo! The original Godzilla will always stay srong in my memories. From the original came the original series. Godzilla started out as a villian that destroys cities, but he became protector of the human race and a role model for young children. He fought off evil monsters, sometimes single handedly, other times with an ally. His first 15 films were mostly for younger audiences, but then came Godzilla 1985. After The Terror of Mechagodzilla, Toho stopped making Godzilla movies for a while. About 10 years later they created the Hensei series, which ignored all the previous Godzilla movies except the original.

In Godzilla 1985, Godzilla attacks Tokyo again, from that movie came Godzilla vs. Biolante, which gave him a modern look. Then came Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, which completed changed and wrote out his true origin. The Hensei series was the 90's style of Godzilla. In this series, there were several remakes of older Godzilla foes and allies. In 1995, the last Hensei Godzilla film was made. In this movie, the original Godzilla blew his last breath of radioactive power and had complete meltdown and death. I even remember my parents reading to me from the news paper when I was only 7, they told me Godzilla had died in a movie. Five years later, in the year 2000, which is when I am writing this, Godzilla 2000 came. While I am writing this I anxoiusly await the US screening of Godzilla 2000, which ignores all movies except the original and Godzilla 1985. Godzilla's history and life's story is still not complete, and with the imagination of all his fans, Godzilla will never die, because Godzilla lives forever!