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The Quest of Godzilla


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Godzilla 2000
The next millenium in Godzilla movies



I have seen Godzilla 2000 and it was awsome.
It was one of the best Godzilla movies ever!

It started out with Godzilla holding a ship in his mouth and the Godzilla Prodiction Network (GPN)chasing after him for pictures. They almost get killed and barely escape death. Later, a big rock is discovered underwater. They float it to the top. Meanwhile, Godzilla is attacked with special missles that can penatrate anything. They have little effect on the monster king. Then the rock floats out of the water and flys away.


The rock went to Godzilla and shot a super powerful energy beam at Godzilla that pushed him back hundreds of feet. Godzilla shot his energy beam at the rock to reveal it was a UFO. The UFO then flew over different parts of Japan until it arrived in Tokyo, where it perched on top of a building. It then downloaded information from all computers in the area. The millitary moved in and prepared to fire upward through the building to destroy the UFO. The father of the girl in the GPN was caught in the destruction of the building and he nearly died.

Then the UFO found another building. Godzilla finally arrived in Tokyo and he began fighting the UFO. After being delt a devistating blow, Godzilla was thrown back. The UFO then used Godzilla's cell regenerating powers to clone Godzilla. At first the clone wasn't much, but then it started taking cells from Godzilla. Godzilla then defeated the UFO. Then, it opened it's mouth really wide. Godzilla stuck his head in Orga's mouth.
Orga was just growing spikes when Godzilla blew off Orga's head! Then Godzilla went to the people and killed the man that wanted to destroy him. Finally Godzilla began to burn down Tokyo! The End

Toho is showing Tristar who the real Godzilla is!

Now on video and DVD