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Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah

Godzilla's Fiftieth Anniversary is
celebrated with a brand a new movie!

The story will have an entirely new timeline. It takes place fifty years after the original Godzilla was destroyed. As it turns out, Godzilla is evil now and he is trying to destroy Japan. A prophit named Isayama awakens the Holy creatures of Yamato. The holy creatures are Mothra, Baragon and Ghidorah. The rest, we will see what happens later.

I can't wait!

Goji's Mug

G's New Look

New Ghidorah

A Ghidrah Body Shot.

ghidorah's foot

Ghidrah's foot. Chicken-like huh?

Goji vs Ghidy

Godzilla and Ghidrah in a battle scene.

New Mothra

Mothra's new look. Less cute and more BUG!

Goji vs Mothra

Godzilla and Mothra, Locked in Battle!

Godzilla is back and better lookin'!
He will have smaller dorsal fins, and he will
look more dinosaur-like. His height will be 60 meters
and his eyes will be all white!

Goji Model

New Godzilla Model

Grand Premier!!

Here is the premier shot. I hear that the movie was a great hit. In the picture there is Godzilla, a few actors from the movie, and the producers, director, etc.

Bar's Body Shot

A Baragon full body shot.

Bar's Head

A nice face shot. They did a good job on him. Not much different from the original, it just looks more real.

Bar on the set

Baragon on set. I believe that the suit actor is a young woman.

Godzilla's new design!

A Pic of the new G that I drew.

Pictures Thanks to Monster Zero, Cinescape, and a Japanese site that I couldn't read. Thanks!