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Kaiju Quest

Take your Kaiju on a legendary quest!
Visit many far-off lands,
Battle many mighty monsters!


Please Read the Rules before you enter, they are below. Make sure to get some coffee and a few asprin handy before hand. (Don't worry, just skim them now, it will get easy when you begin playing. Once you get the basics, the rest is just details.)

The Rules
When you play Kaiju Quest, the purpose is to be the strongest, most powerful kaiju in the universe. You can grow your mighty monster to be a long lived elder, by raising his Life Points. You can make your beast into an endurable, powerful creature that hits hard by raising his Energy Points. You could give him immense strength to bash opponents out of exsistance. Or you could raise your kaiju's Defense to fortify it from the onslaughting barrage of other attacks. Or, you could train your behemoth to travel the battleground at astounding rates of speed in order to escape attacks before they hit you. You may raise all stats, or just some of them to create specialized creatures that have a slightly better niche to defeating others. Because it's survival of the fittest out there, and only the strongest live to claim the title as the universe's strongest.
The Key concept of Kaiju Quest is battling, and when you battle, you use stats. Stats are how your character lives within the system. It describes the fighting style, for it is the key to fighting.
Level: Your Kaiju will have a level, starting at 1. Every time you gain enough experience points, you are rewarded with Stat points to distribute among your stats. The scoring and reward section can be read further on. In order to advance a level, you must win as many battles as your current level. So to reach level 2, you must win 1 battle, and to reach level 3, you must win 2. Or, instead of winning a battle, you can gain a level by training 3 days to equal winning one battle. So to reach level 2, you would need to train 1 day, but to reach level three you would have to train 6 days. For level 3, 9 days. Also, If you lose 2 battles, the exp is close to that of winning one battle, so that can count as well. So you should keep track of how much experience you have.
Rank: Your kaiju will start a Rank E, there will be tournaments held occasionally for each rank. If you win an E Tournament, you pass to level D and so on. All the Levels are as so: E, D, C, B, A, X. After X, you stay in X, except every time you win an X tournament, you add a number to the end. So you would have X1, then X2, then X3, and so on forever. Yet, once you are way ahead of most other players, it is suggested you retire that kaiju, temporarily at least, and work harder on another one. That way you can wait for the competition to get better, and once it does, bring out your big, powerful kaiju from before and continue to dominate, this time though, the rougher competion will make your kaiju much stronger a lot faster.
LP- Life Points: Life points are how much life your kaiju has left. If you have ever played a video game RPG, then this is the  equivilent of HP. The more life you have, the longer it takes to be defeated. Once your Life Points disapear, you  lose, and if the opponent loses all of theirs, than they lose as well.
EP- Energy Points: Energy points are the cost, or resource you have to pay for moves. (Unless the move has other costs.)
It is the video game RPG's equivilent of MP. If you run out of EP, you must revert to simple tooth and claw, costing Life Points instead of Energy Points.
ST- Strength Points: If you are into brute force, than strength is the way to go for you. When you use strength, it increases   the move you use by 10 times that much divided your current level, as a percent percent added onto the original  100% of the move. You must however, activate the strength ability on the previous turn. So if I was at level 1, and  used a move that dealt 10 damage with no strength, I would then multiply by 1.00, if I used strength before hand,  and spent 10 Strength points, than I would Damage the opponent 100% more, and I would multiple the original   hit points of 10 by 2.00, because 2.00 Is a percent or what I used. Every percent multiplies the move 0.01 times  as much, adding onto the original 100%, or 1.00.  So if I had used 10 strength, I would now deal 10x10 as the   percent. So 100% more than before. And that is 200%, so the move would deal 20 damage.
DE- Defense Points: If you want to armour your kaiju, you can, by adding defense points onto your Kaiju's stats. When a   kaiju has a high defense, it is less effected by attacks. When you are attacked, for every damage point you should   recieve, you can pay with a DE point instead of a LP point. Yet, you can only do this if you activate the Defense   ability during your turn, before the opponent attacks.
SP- Speed Points: You may also give your kaiju an extra burst of speed if you want. To do this, you are going to move away  from your opponent. Or try to at least. In order to escape an attack, you must activate speed during your turn and  wait until your opponent's move. If the opponent attacks, you can then pay the damage points with speed instead  of LP. This represents your Kaiju leaping aside from the attack and escaping it.
Using Stats as Abilities
Basic: Every kaiju uses these in battle. You can only use one per turn though.
Strength - See ST Points
Defense - See DE points
Speed - See SP Points
Special Abilities:
You may only have one per kaiju, unless another is awarded at a tournament or learned from a special area. Once choosen, it cannot be changed.
Counter-Attack: If you have this as a special, you may counter attack whenever an enemy attacks. You do this by activating Defense before hand. When attacked, if you pay all defense points to protect yourself, you may pay extra, with each DE point used over the protection limit counting as two points of damage on the opponent, however, with every 2 extra DE points payed, you must also pay 1 EP point. This does not count as your turn, but an extension of the opponent's turn. Afterwards you take your turn like normal.
Run: If your kaiju uses speed during your turn, and your opponent attacks, then you pay for the escape, you may pay extra SP. Also, for every 2 speed used this way, you must pay 1 EP. For every SP used, the opponent must pay that much more EP during their turn in order to catch your kaiju. Doing this effects your turn in no way, you continue to attack and can use another Basic Ability. If the opponent does not attack, you are still far from the opponent. If you want to attack him on your next turn, you must use your EP to go back and then attack, or you may wait him out, using healing moves and activating Defence as a precaution, but you still don't need to use defence if they refrain from attacking again. If either you or the opponent run out of EP, then you or them may use SP to catch you, if not that, LP. But EP must be used until it is depleted.
Super Strength: Once you've activated strength, wait for a turn, then attack. When you attack, use your strength as much as you want. If your opponent used defense, they can only protect themselves from the original Damage points of the attack. Any extra goes right through their defense and hits them. However, you must pay an extra EP point for every two Damage points that you unleash.
Super Speed: If you have super speed, then you have the chance to take 2 turns at once. Of course, there is a price and case needed. If activate speed to escape an attack, you can do one of 2 things. The first is you can pay with SP instead of LP, but you only need to pay 1 SP for every Damage point. Or, you could take the hit with LP, and then wait for your next turn. During this turn, you can use 2 moves. However, if you use 2 moves, then you cannot use any abillity that turn. If an opponent used an abillity last turn, they can use it in between each of your attacks. So if you attacked once, and they had counter-attack, they could counter-attack you. Or if they have Run, they may run in between your attacks.
Others: Other Abilities will be created as time goes by. Some as specials to be won in tournaments, others to be for the use of all.
You start out with 2 moves. Moves are the basis of which damage is dealt. There are many kinds of different moves. There are regular attack moves. There are also healing moves, and moves that enable or disable abilities. There are moves that will paralize, hypnotize, and decimize! So read on.
Attack Moves:
Attack moves are simple. They involve paying and EP cost, and occasionally a different cost, and in return they remove the opponents LP. Here is a sample:
Flame Ball - A ball of flame.
Damage: 10 LP
Cost: 5 EP
As you can see, there is a name and a description. The damage is the how much points the opponent looses from the attack. Under that is the cost, the cost is how much of your own points does it take to hurt the opponent. For all attack moves, the cost should be about half of the damage you deal.
Heal Moves:
Heal moves are also easy, it involves the amount of points you gain, and the lesser amount it takes to do it. Here's an example:
Energy Burst - A burst of energy.
Heal: 10 EP
Cost: 5 LP
As you can see, it almost mirrors the Attack Move. The only difference is the heal effects your character, unless you choose otherwise.
Melee Move:
You have 1 melee attack, this can be used whenever you want, but it is designed only for when you run out of EP. Instead of the cost being EP, it uses LP to pay for the damage. You only have one, and the name isn't that important. Here's an example.
Slash- Slice with claws
Damage: 2 LP
Cost: 1 LP
Power Up Moves:
You can have moves that will enpower your next turn. You must in your next turn however use an Attack or Melee move. You cannot start with these moves. You must be at level 3 before you can have one.
Power Boost: Gives extra power to your next move.
Power-Up: Next turn, attack damage is 1.5 times as hard.
Cost: 12 EP
Special Moves:
Your kaiju can have only one special move each. (Unless won in a tournament.) This move can range to just about anything, as long as it is fair. Here are some examples:
Double Ability- You can use 2 abilities
Special: During your next turn, you can use 2 abilities.
Cost: 10 EP
Surging Strength - You have great strength.
Special: You may have Super Strength for one turn
Cost: 5 EP, 5 ST
Life Drain - You suck away the opponent's life
Special: For every EP you pay, the opponent looses one LP
Cost: 1 EP for each LP opponent loses.
You pretty much get the idea. But since all kaiju must have new moves approved by me or an other leader, all things will be fine. You recieve your special move by the time you reach level 10, or rank X. You cannot recieve a prize special before you recieve your natural prize.
Earning New Moves: Every time your kaiju reaches a level that is a prime number, then they recieve a new move, a normal move, not a special or melee. New moves are based upon your kaiju's stats, but is completely up to you to decide, just so long as it is an appropriate damage with a cost about half as much as the damage or more. Or a healing move that heals one stat twice as much as the cost of another stat.
Move Upgrades: As your kaiju goes up a level, their moves will go up as well. For all normal moves, your damage, heal, cost, etc, is multiplied by your new level. That is rather simple. The same goes for Melee attacks. When upgrading a special move, please talk to GojiTom or another leader at the board for a fair upgrade that stays at a equal rate when compared with your stats. If your special does a certain, fixed amount of damage, than you may multiply that by your new level. The cost also must be multiplied by your new level, but only if it is a fixed number cost.
So, if you put everything together, here is how you would put together your kaiju's stats:
Special Abilities:
Special Moves:
So, that just about wraps up the stats, here is an example of a starting kaiju.
Name: Giant Chipmunk
Level: 1
Rank: E
EXP: 0/1
LP: 10
EP: 10
ST:  05
DE: 10
SP: 15
Total Points: 50
Special Abilites: Super-Speed
 -Slash: Slice with claws
 Damage: 2 LP
 Cost: 1 LP
 -Big Honker Bite: Take a large bite out of the opponent.
 Damage: 4 LP
 Cost: 2 EP
 -Regenerate: Regrow injured body parts.
 Heal: 4 LP
 Cost: 2 EP
Special Moves: NONE
Well, that's it for stats and using them, now comes getting started, training, fighting setup, scenarios, etc.
This is the part where your kaiju comes to life. Your kaiju can be anything you dream up. (As long as it is appropriate.)
To create a large, mythical beast, or a leviathan forged by nuclear power. Perhaps a genetic mutation, either done by man or by other cause. Or perhaps a merciless killer from the depths of space, or a swarming fleet of drones swarming about to defeat the enemy. Whatever it is you decide to make, choose well, and go far...
To start out, you should use the website's "Kreate-A-Kaiju" section to submit a portfolio of your kaiju. When you do, you will fill out the following
Name of Kaiju:
Name of Creator:
Description or Picture:
Life Story:
Once you have that done, just wait and your kaiju will appear in the kaiju gallery soon afterwards.
(Soon means anywhere from a few days to a month at most.)
You do not need to submitt your kaiju there, but in order to play, you must set up your kaiju's stats.
You must of course, give your kaiju a name. So, give it one. Then you have to fill out the stats, so just follow along.
First off, you must fill out your 5 stats, LP, EP, ST, DE, and SP. You start with 50 total points to place into those catagories.
Spread 50 points into these catagories:
Got that so far? Good. Now as for the level and rank, you start out at level 1 and Rank E.
Choosing your special ability, you may only have 1. See the above Abilities section for more info.
More will be created as time goes by, and this section will be updated.
Now, this is perhaps the most important part, the moves. First off, you have your Melee attack. It should start off as follows:
Name: Description
Damage: 2 LP
Cost: 1 LP
It will increase as time goes by, but keep in mind that it is a last resort move.
Then you have your first 2 moves. You can have 2 attack moves, or 2 heal moves, or 1 of each, which I suggest.
When you create an attack move, its maximum damage power is 4LP. You can make it lower in order to have a lower EP cost.

If you decide to make 2 Attack Moves, make one strong and the other weak for when you have low EP.
When you have a starting Heal move, you can only heal your LP or EP. Your cost should be half of the points healed.
It is not recommended to have 2 heal moves at the beginning, because it is really hard to beat the opponent that way.
So, here is an example of 2 starting moves:
 -Big Honker Bite: Take a large bite out of the opponent.
 Damage: 4 LP
 Cost: 2 EP
 -Regenerate: Regrow injured body parts.
 Heal: 4 LP
 Cost: 2 EP
Well, that's about it. so here's an example of a finished new kaiju.
Name: Giant Chipmunk
Level: 1
Rank: E
EXP: 0/1
LP: 10
EP: 10
ST:  05
DE: 10
SP: 15
Total Points: 50
Special Abilites: Super-Speed
 -Slash: Slice with claws
 Damage: 2 LP
 Cost: 1 LP
 -Big Honker Bite: Take a large bite out of the opponent.
 Damage: 4 LP
 Cost: 2 EP
 -Regenerate: Regrow injured body parts.
 Heal: 4 LP
 Cost: 2 EP
Special Moves: NONE
In order to advance a level, you must either fight or train.
Regular Training: The most simple kind.
As soon as you reach a new level, you must find your training rate. You take your total stats, and divide that by your level at the time. Whatever that number is, is the amount you earn in points every day that your kaiju spends training.
Specified Training: Adding onto only one special stat.
If you want to add onto one special stat, and only that stat, you can earn more points that way. If you are training in a "gym" area, then you may take one of your stats' sums, and then multiplying that by 0.75, that answer is rounded to the nearest whole number, and you gain that amount of stats in that category.
Schedulized Training:
If you are gone, you can arrange a schedulized training. In this training, your kaiju does a regular training each day automatically for as many days as you want. Once you get back though, you must do all the caculating of your kaiju's current skills. This feature is here for those people that go on vacation, and those that need to spend more time on work or school, etc.
Special Locations:
If you can get your kaiju into a special training course, then there will be boosts in the experience and stats that you have. You will have to find out the locations special parameters when you are training there. In many cases, your specified training is multiplied by the given number instead of by 0.75. When you boost regular training, you simply multiply your training rate by whatever boost is given.
Unexcepted Training:
No training will be done by the user of a kaiju making up a kaiju at a really high level and then fighting that kaiju. All kaiju start at level one unless they are part of a campaign. The only exception is at a training area, but, in a training area, you only fight kaiju that are not controlled by you. You can 'fight' a training robot or a trainer, but another player must volenteer to play the opponent for you. You also cannot send wild kaiju you control on your own kaiju unless given permission otherwise by an administrator. (Such as a scenerio.)
This is what you've all been waiting for, fighting. It is what makes the game fun, and I encourage all players to do it as much as possible.
Setting up a battle:
-Normal Battles: When both players set up a match and then fight.
The players will decide before hand who will go first and where they will fight. Then they commense.
-Attack Battle: When you wander into the "territory" of another kaiju while you are in a training course.
If you ever enter a training course, another kaiju who has beaten the course and is back there again "on the prowl" may attack you if they want. The kaiju who is attacked may "escape" by using all of their stats up and having to wait 2 days to recouperate. The attacker can attack again, but must wait until the victim has recouperated and played the course 3 days after that. If the attacker is ever beaten, then they can no longer claim that area their territory unless the defeat the kaiju hat beat them in a normal battle.
Other Attackers may include custom built creatures that are controlled by special controllers assigned to occasionally attack unknowing prey. The same rules apply to these creatures as to a regular kaiju, except that they cannot be banished from their territory, and the gain no experience.
In an Attack Battle, the attacker goes first and the victim must either fight or run. If the victim runs, they receive no EXP, but it counts as a loss.
Tournament Battles: A battle set up by a tournament master.
If a tournament is held, then the one who set up the tournament will assign who fights who and who attacks first. This should be done based on the closest level. Experience from tournament battles is an option. There is also automattic recouperation as long as the tournament is official, and set up by an administrator or the tournament is okayed by an administator to have automattic recouperation.
Free-For-All: Everyone vs Everyone
In a free for all, the point is to be the last kaiju with LP. When you have your turn, you can only attack one other kaiju. Free-For-Alls must be set-up most of the time. The only other way is if an attacker attacks another kaiju, then someone else in the area can drop into the fight and help protect the victim, or they can help defeat the victim. Which is unadvised seeing as this would lead for revengful actions, and those can be rather brutal.
Team Battle: Two or more teams fighting against each other.
In a team battle, there are 2 or more teams. You can only attack other players on other teams. If you are attacked, you must defeat the attacker before you can attack another player. You can also drop out.
How it Works:
When you begin fighting, it is rather simple. You start your turn, you can make a move, then you can use an ability if you want. Then it is your opponents turn. Although, if you make the first move, you cannot use an ability that first turn.
Keeping track and Message setup:
The first thing can do is post an OOC(Out of Character) Statement.
Underneath that, you write the message and story part of your turn. In this part, you manage to add in what you do for your move and ability.
After that, you write in specifically what you did and how it effects all the kaiju that are fighting. This is simply listing the moves you used and the abilities and so on...

Then you wait for your opponent to reply.
Here is an example of a turn during fighting.
(OOC: Nice Battle so far, huh? You are going down!)
 Giant Chipmunk was flat on the ground, his nostrils filled with the horrid stench of manour. He pushed out with his hands and plopped back on his feet. Giant Chipmunk brushed off his arms and let out a whooping war cry! "You are going down!" Giant Chipmonk raced forewards and opened his mouth. He leaped into the air as he grasped Big Bear's Arm. He then sunk his sharp layers of teeth into his victims shoulder. Big Bear fell to the ground in pain as Giant Chipmunk jumped off. On the ground, Big Bear whined as he placed a band-aid over his wound. Giant Chipmunk stood in satisfaction, then bent down into a defensive stance.
Used Big Honker Bite
Big Bear -4LP
Giant Chipmunk -2EP
Giant Chipmunk activates defense
As you continue fighting keep track of your stats, when you are injured or heal or whatever, you must keep track of your stats, so keep track of your stats in some kind of a word document or notepad file. Use parenthesis to the side of your current stats displaying that stats current statis. It would look something like this for Giant Chipmunk if he was in the middle of battle:
Name: Giant Chipmunk
LP: 10 (6)
EP: 10 (6)
ST:  05
DE: 10 (2)
SP: 15
Total Points: 50 (40)
Okay, that's it. Do you understand now?
The rest of the fighting is just exchanging turns until only one Kaiju or team has LP left. The one without any LP loses.
That covers fighting, you will be able to read a sample fight on the main page's general section.
When you either win or lose, you get a 'prize' and experience. If you run away from the battle, you recieve no experience or prize.
When you win, you get a full point of experience.
In order to find your prize, you must do as follows:
Normal or Attack Battle:
You add up your post-battle total of points. (Meaning the temporary points you have after the battle is finished.)
You add up the total of your opponents pre-battle total of points (meaning your opponents score before you fought.)
Subtract your post-battle points from your opponent's pre-battle points.
The answer is how much points you have to distribute among your five catagories, LP, EP, ST, DE, SP.
If you lose, you do the same thing, except at the end you multiply the answer by 0.75 and round to the nearest whole number.
Free-For-All and Team Battle:
If you win, you find your post-battle total points.
Then you find the pre-battle points of all your enemies. Add all of your opponents pre-battle totals together, take this number, and divide it by the number of opponents. Now, take this number and subtract your post-battle total from it.
The answer is your prize of points to distribute among your 5 catagories.
Losing: The same thing, except divide by 2.
Once you've been in a fight, it takes 2 days to recouperate if you won, and 3 days if you lost. You cannot move your kaiju, you cannot do anything but wait. You cannot be attacked or fight during this turn. You cannot train, you do nothing. (That's why I advise multiple kaiju.)
Area Movement:
Your kaiju takes time to train and to move around. If you want to move your kaiju from one area to another on the planet that you are currently on, then you must spend a day moving to that area. In a training course, it takes 1 day (yes, an actual day.) to go from place to place. You must state at the end of your time in one place, that the next day will be spent moving to the new area.
Intersteller Movement:
There are many worm holes throughout the galaxy. If you want to go to another planet, you must first spend a day moving to the StarPort. Once you arrive there, you must claim where you are going. Then starting that day, you enter the Worm Hole and begin moving through Space. Use the Star Map to determine where you are going. Every "pathway" has a certain amount of days it takes to travel from place to place. But most are only a day or 2. It takes all of your energy to pass through space, and once you arrive at your destination or stop-point, then you need to wait 1 day to recouperate your Energy. Then you may continue using the warp paths or you may explor the planet you have landed on.
The Gift of Teleportation:
Treat Teleportation as an ability. If you manage to explore all areas and win every course, and get your rank to at least an X, then you will be granted with teleportation. With teleportation, it takes only one day to move from any place to another. This is done by your kaiju creating a "worm hole" in their location and then travelling through it to a place already visited by your kaiju. You can also take others in your area through a worm hole, but they must either go willingly, or must be defeated and then teleported away.  Yet, anyone who passes through a worm hole temporarily loses their energy and must recouperate before they move on. This is also a 1 day recouperation.
Another way to get teleportation is to win it in a bi-annual tournament. Yet, when you have Teleportation, you can only go to places you've visited before.
This is another fun part of Kaiju Quest. There will be many fun scenerios that will give flavor to the game.
There will be cases where one super-powerful demon or something destroys a couple of training grounds, and it will be up to the people of kaiju quest to avenge the deaths and set things right.
Anything is possible, if you want to create a scenerio, just ask GojiTom or Andross, or whomever is in charge at the time. Tell them what the scenerio is, what the purpose is, how it will be run, and what will need to be created. If everything is able to work, then we will set up the scenerio, and the fun will begin.
Critical Hits: During Every Battle, each kaiju gets 2 critical hit attacks. That player can use their critical hit points whenever they like. Each critical hit point is when a move does extra damage. So, if you decide to use a critical hit point, your move does 1.5 times the original damage. You can use both critical hits at once, dealing 3 times the original damage.
Energy Accumulation:
When you have more than one power up to your move that you make, then you add up all of the boosts, you DO NOT multiply them together. This includes critical hits.
If I were to attack with a move that does 4 damage, and had a strength power-up of 1.8, then both of my critical hits for a 3; I would then add the 1.8 and the 3 to get 4.8. I would multiply the damage by 4.8 and get 19.2, and round off to 19 as the final damage amount.
I WOULD NOT multiply the 3 and 1.8 together to get 5.4, then multiply by 4 to get 21.6, or 22 when rounded. Although it seems small now; when in larger, more agressive battles, it becomes much more unfair with attacks boosted up to a billion times their regular damage rate. This needed to be cleared up, and now it has been.
Experience List:
For everyone to know presisely, here is how it works:
Training: 1 EXP
Winning: 1 EXP
Losing: 0.5 EXP
The EXP needed to go up a level is equal to your current level. So if you are at level 1, it takes 1 EXP to go up a level. Get it?
Keeping Track:
When you play this game, you will need to keep track of everything. That way nothing gets lost, and nothing has to be recreated. So you should keep track of the following.

Special Abilities:
Special Moves:
Enhancements: (Also place enhancment effects as a special ability, or move if it is the case.)
Tournaments and Events won:
Places and courses visited:
And any other significant thing about your kaiju.

Rules and Regulations:
Kaiju Quest is a fun, safe environment. The rules are pretty thin here, but stick to them. Although I myself take little offense to most of these things, others do, and I am simply protecting their rights. And besides, this kind of stuff isn't permitted on ezboard, the server for the whole deal.
-No bad or inapropriate language, you can however use *)&*% and all that kind of stuff.
-No inapropriate graphics. (Gore is excepted, but not to the extreme.)
-Nothing of Sexual Content.
-All characters and work written or drawn by you is copywritten to you.
-No harassing other players. (This doesn't mean your kaiju can't harass other kaiju, this applies to people. And when I say this, I mean like taunts in battle, not posts all over the place stating how much the other kaiju 'sucks,' or that you are going to slaughter their cat or any other threat.)
Some of these rules can be slightly bent with permission and a warning on the post's title. But no pictures with bad content, period. And as long as you are not using this word to harrass people, "Hell" is excepted. This is because there may be "dark kaiju" that might need it for a move title and so on, or to describe the pain a kaiju feels when hit with a beam ray. YadaYadaYada. Still, don't overuse it or abuse it.
Blah, Blah, Blah, well, those are the rules, if you break one accidentally, I will clean it up and warn you. If however you continue to break the rules on purpose, I will be forced to ban you. I will give you plenty of warning, and I will do it as a last resort only.
Phew, I hate doing that part. I am starting to sound like my principal. AH!!!
Extra Information and Strategy:
How may kaiju:
You may have up to 10 kaiju in use at the time, that doesn't include special characters, like the attackers that live in training courses, or super-powerful beings in scenerios. Any more than 10 and you may lose track or just leave one stagnant. You should keep track of all your kaiju and all their stats on a word document or notepad file. Keep track of their stats as they grow stronger as well. If you prove that you are really good at keeping track of your kaiju, I will expand your limit.
Retiring Kaiju:
You may retire your kaiju if you wish. Retirement does not need to be permanent. Your kaiju must take a resting spot, which is wherever you leave them at last. When the come back, they are in that area. In order to come back, your kaiju must include all the nessasary stats, or at least the ones needed at the time you retired. Then you must have another trustworthy person who was around when you were verify those stats for you. This includes everyone, even people who run the place, so don't worry. When you retire, be sure to announce it. When your kaiju retires, it is removed from your "roster" of your limit of kaiju. However, unless allowed to have more than 10 kaiju, you must keep your limit. So if you have 10, you can't bring back the retired kaiju without taking out another unless you have permission. Don't worry here either, I will gladly allow you to expand unless you are always losing track of your stats and so on.
Exploring New Areas:
As time goes by, scouts will be hired to find new areas in the galaxy. (In other words, the will get to create new things.) Scout will be choosen by their ability to quickly navigate the many worlds of kaiju quest.
Other than fighting contests, there will be art and writing contests. This will include things outside of battle, and things inside of it.
Any fan art of fiction of your kaiju or others will be rewarded in points for your kaiju, being decided on by a poll, it will be "graded" on effort more than quality. But it will still include some incline to quality, just with a majority of marit to effort.
There will be prizes for the most creative and/or descriptive fight of the month, but this will only occur after there is enough people.
Another prize will be the best fight of the month, which will be the one the has the most powerful moves and/or comebacks.
These prizes have been set up for the purpose of attracting more than just gamers to the site, and will have more purpose of being something fun, and different from the usual battle.
Well, that is all for now, as time passes, more will be added to the game to make it funner and better then before. Please at least try it if you are interested. But if you have already read all the rules, it would be crazy if you don't play.
I will soon come up with a stadegy guide, and if this game is played by many people, I will see about adding armies, super-beings(Humans or other things at about the same size),  Power Stages, EXP boosting areas, new move types, new abilities and much much more! Just as long as enough people join.

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submit your own in Kreate-a-Kaiju! I've got some really cool kaiju in here! Everything from geneticaly altered super monsters to ancient planet eaters! Think you can survive!? Why don't you find out!?
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