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The Quest of Godzilla


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TR's Comics Godzilla Series

I have 4 issues completed and am going on to 5. I have worked hard on them, so savor them well.

It takes place long after Godzilla vs. Destroyah with the new Godzilla made from Godzilla Junior.

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Comic Series Summary

This storyline is about Junior all grown up and battling on his own. There are his allies, Rodan, Radon, and Baby Rodan, and his adopted son, Little Godzilla, or Godzilla the 3rd. It starts out with Space Godzilla as the enemy. Then the robots Metarus and MechaRodan. After that G runs into a giant Fish named Fitos and the 'kids' have a battle of their own. Radon and Rodan meet, Radon battles Dradon, an Aztec god and Radon wins Rodan. They go back to Japan to nest at Mt. Fuji and the 'hire' Baby Rodan to 'egg-sit' the egg they have. G then faces Abillas, a powerful mutated dinosaur hybrid and kicks him into the sea. But on his way back to Japan, he runs into Abillas again and some other dino hybrids. Big G whoops tail and goes to Japan. Then they all face there biggest challenge yet....


Newest Comic: Issue 6 - Fish Frenzy

Issue 6: Fish Frenzy

TR's Comics

No, I'm no Art Adams or Bob Eggleton, but I am a 13 year old kid in the Seattle area of Washington who has a BIG role model and even BIGGER dreams. I am obsessed with Godzilla and all my friends cannot believe how well I draw Godzilla. I don't have much of an industry either. I only have a little art studio in my garage and a collection of Godzilla toys, Movies, Books, Magazines, proffesional comics, and more stuff. Godzilla is my only series so far, but I am brewing up another one that I'll call Battle for the Galaxy. I would like to get my comics oked with Toho so I can sell or give them to my fellow fans. I'd also like to eventually get them published, but until the day comes when I can truly give the world a serving of Godzilla, I'll just keep drawing. Some day I'll give out my dreams into the world of Godzilla!