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Gojiza's Adventure

Gojiza's Adventure

New Cover

Watch Gojiza battle with the Akuma Spirit.

Page 1

Page 1:

"Hey Shadar! Have you seen Katris?" asked Gojiza.
"Yes, Gojiza, she is on Mt. Nappa." Shadar Replied.
"Thanks!" Gojiza called back.

Then Gojiza began to make his way towards the mountain. He stubbed his foot on a strange black rock.

I hope you enjoy it. It was originally a school project. We had to do a storybook on grammer. I just took out the grammer part, and now you have yourself an illustrated story without the educational mumbo jumbo.

Page 2

Page 2:

The rock was black and shiny. Gojiza picked it up and felt it. It was hard and smooth. Gojiza suddenly felt weak. His eyes were soggy. His energy felt drained from his body. He felt somewhat faint, and decided to lay down in a cozy overhang. He curled up in a compfy ball and went to sleep.

Page 3:

Gojiza awoke and got off the ground. He looked at Mt. Nappa; it was really far. Gojiza walked across a meadow. Then Gojiza looked over at where the rock was. A black cloud had formed overhead. It then moved slowly to the mountain. His energy had risen a little, but he was far from full power.

Page 3

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Page 4:

Gojiza felt his power increase again. He burst into full speed. He flew like a bullet towards the mountain's summit. He saw ahead of him Katris and Nappa. He stopped for a second to rest. Then sped towards Katris. His intentions to play with her after training.

Page 4

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Page 5

Katris was punching a cliff side. She was crushing stone and dirt alike in her mighty blows unleashed upon the earthen protrosion. Nappa, her training master, was standing upon the water of the river. He oversaw Katris in her work. The dark cloud was swirling overhead. Gojiza fixed his eyes on it. He stared for a while. So long, that Katris walked off without Gojiza noticing.

Page 5

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Page 6:

Nappa still stood upon the water. Gojiza watched. The cloud seemed to settle over Nappa. And in an instant, a beam of energy went shooting right into Nappa's body. His body began to cripple, and he screamed in agony. His yellow flesh fissing away into a bloody red. His tentacles becoming pointy spikes. His single pointed hands becoming sharp jagged claws. And his head burst into a glow that appeared as a flame. And then Nappa arrose, he went flying into the air. Water parted beneath him. He was no longer Nappa, he had become Akuma, the evil spirit.

Page 6

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Page 7:

Gojiza stared open mouthed at Akuma. Akuma came forth and knocked Gojiza to the ground.


Gojiza then hopped up and remarked.

"Over my dead body! You'll have to get past me first!"


"Let's Do it!"

Akuma then shot behind GOjiza before he could see it happen, and dealed a backhand into GOjiza's spine. Gojiza fell, in pain. After a couple of seconds, Gojiza had healed. He hopped back up and unleashed a battery of energy attacks. Akuma stepped forth from the smoke produced by Gojiza's attack. He let out a laugh and smashed GOjiza into the ground. He sank his point fist all the way through Gojiza's body, and grabbed Gojiza's dorsal spike on the other side. Then he used this clutch to pick up Gojiza and bash Gojiza's head into a nearby stone. Blood spurted with each blow.

Gojiza howled in pain. Each onslaught pushing him further into the obyss. Thoughts of evil and chaos entered Gojiza's mind as he was slowly beaten to a pulp. And in one final effort, Gojiza let an outburst of energy so great, that Akuma's arm was burnt strait to the bone. And then the bone was an ashened hue. Akuma yanked what was left of his arm out from Gojiza's bloody corpse. Gojiza began to slip into death. Blood drapped his body. But he had one final chance. He pulled energy from the Earth around him. Everything began to pulse into his veins. Great Power filled him. And it fueled his regeneration.

Akuma was begining to leave, thinking Gojiza to be dead, when he was knocked onto his face with a bloody burn forced on to his back. He hopped up quickly, and in one quick spurt, had regenerated to full health. But Gojiza was in full health as well. And he had somehow changed. He was a brighter green with two protruding blllue shoulder crystals. He was Earth Gojiza.

The two errupted into another gory battle. But none could prove the victor. And Gojiza was growing tired. Yet, Akuma was in prime condition.

Page 7

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Page 8:

Gojiza saw that he had to defeat Akuma, because Akuma would mercilessly destroy things and cause endless suffering. How could he defeat him though? Attacking him obviously didnt work. So Gojiza gave Akuma a big, fat, juicy, bear hug. The hug was warming and loving, and it melted away the cold evil spirit because Gojiza cared for Nappa. Akuma became Nappa, and things were looking completely better.

Page 8

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Page 9:

Gojiza had won. He had defeated the evil that plagued the island. He, Nappa, Katris, Shadar, and all the others of the island lived in peace. Nappa continued his lessons, and they all became strong warriors. As they sat and watched the sun setting into the sea, they wondered about their future, and were just happy to be alive.


Page 9

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