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Tom's Quest of Godzilla

Tom's Quest of Godzilla

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Make way for Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Across the globe Godzilla has strucken fear, pride, and imagination into the minds of millions! Now, I plan on giving some back! I have dedicated this page to the monster king and am obligated to spread his wrath! Join me in my quest to spread his power! Make it so all can know that feeling of power flowing through their mind and body whenever they hear the words Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

In this site you can learn and expierience Godzilla's true power! Look around awhile and see what I've done. I hope you'll enjoy this page as much as I do. Feel free to G-Mail with art, stories or a great monster idea. Have a great time!


Update: 6/10/01

Hello once again. I put up a few new kaiju such as Atlantis, Armagadden, Mecha-TropicGodzilla, and Agnion. I will soon have a better message board, so be ready for it. See you all L8er.


If you would like to see any of your art or storys online, I will post them on my site for other Kaiju fans everywhere to see. Don't worry, I'll give you full credit. Or you could Kreate-a-Kaiju so that you can use it in Kaiju Quest. If you want to send me anything, go to the "G-Mail" section and give me a shout. I'd be more then happy to help you bring your work to other G-fans everywhere!

Thank you.

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New Kaiju

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Godzilla vs the Eye of Heaven

Comic Issue 4: City Finale

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Issue 5: Robot Rampage

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Nitemare's Realm of Godzilla!


Space Godzilla's Crystal Palace

X Ghidorah

My X Ghidie, nice pic! Thanx QG!


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Toho, please don't sue me for making this site, I won't sell anything, I just want a site to express my Godzilla fanhood with!